Having advantage of being closely connected to academic community, NetWorth can offer wide spectrum of marketing consultation. Services are personalized to uniqness and needs of each client. We offer help to client’s request at any stage of business. Starting from initiation, development, searching new best suited products and services, in finding effective sales canals or make present-existing canals more effective. Searching for new possibility in expending clientel.

We offer consultancy finding way for our client innovative thinking and crisp, easy, and effective communication policy. We can create personalized internal and external communication policy based on client’s specific needs.

Advertising services - NetWorth is offering growing formats in advertising services:
a) Outdoor - offline advertising - NetWorth
b) Internet - online advertising - iVychod

Research and development - NetWorth has been actively participating in several research projects on various levels of progress - on sundry levels. Our goal is implementing maximum possible innovative products tailored to needs of the small and medium size businesses.

Based on in-depth knowledge and continuous active academic involvement in new trends, NetWorth mission is to find solutions for client in most effective production process, searching effective sales canals, and improve communication policy as a result of applied knowledge in creating innovative modern elements into real world.